About Us

Company Name

YEE is a word our family used growing up. It is a strong YES when something stood out, or excited us more than normal. Evolve in this case represents an adventure to becoming the best version of you.


A lifestyle company centered around an holistic approach to the modern day version of mankind with a primary focus in 4 areas: MINDFULNESS, FITNESS, CAREER, and STYLE.


To play a marginal part in the creation of a world where mankind lives in an EVOLVED state of being on a daily basis while having more TIME to engage in what he loves.


Daily- There is a thought and mindfulness challenge.

Our time on planet earth is limited and the goal for many is to evolve and prepare for whatever the individual believes is the next chapter. We just hope to encourage the speed in which you get to an elevated state of being.

Be sure to follow us for daily updates and never hesitate to reach out with questions.

Thank you for the support…