Middle Living Is Not Forgiving

As we kick back in our pajamas this morning and reflect on a world of telecommuters it is a great opportunity to assess life lived in the middle.

For the majority of American population, this aspiration since post World War II has been the aspiration, acceptable, and gave individuals a sense of arrival.

Regardless of how much we hated our job, the boss we worked for, or the culture the organization claimed but didn’t live up to, it was justified because we were MIDDLE LIVING.

The next few weeks are a perfect opportunity to slow down and pen out what we want the future to represent. It’s time to accept middle living is rapidly disappearing and challenge how we spend our time.

One pivot in the economy and the daily Starbucks has to go, immediate credit approval for about ANYTHING we can imagine is no longer fulfilling, and suddenly the sales numbers we cling too and claim would never have happened without US tank.

The ego deflates…be it temporary.

With the ego on its heels, it is the perfect time to look at the fragile nature of our lives and redefine what is important.

Today, take time to redefine…

Author: yeeevolve

Evolve...your DAILY DOSE of what it takes to survive and thrive on planet earth! Yee...think of it like your morning meditation.


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