Thought For the Day

September 30, 2019

Some people naturally understand where to derive the most out of life. While others learn the hard way and still others never seem to learn. In a society that stresses financial freedom as the road to happiness it is interesting to witness the lack of fulfillment for many that seem to have it all.

We have examples everywhere. In particular, just look at the seemingly heroic lives of the Hollywood elite. The ultimate appearance of financial freedom creates human Gods that often appear to have anything by freedom and fulfillment.

While finances are a necessary part of life, the real freedom is in realizing fulfillment comes from things you cannot lose and get back. The first is the present moment which captures a growing newborn, aging parents, youthful marriage, or our health.

For these are priceless…while money can come and go the real road to happiness is in realizing it is available to all of us and right here in the moment.

Author: yeeevolve

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