August 6th Business Thought For the Day

Thought For the Day

Is a manager of managers in the right role? Here are five signs that indicate they are not:

  1. Difficulty Delegating
  2. Poor Performance Management
  3. Failure to Build a Strong Team
  4. A Single Minded Focus on Getting the Work Done
  5. Choosing Clones Over Contributors

This sums up well where the managers of managers fall short. As with anything, it would be naive to believe every box would be checked as meeting expectation.

The two that stand out to me are poor performance management and choosing clones over contributors.

Performance management is challenging. When I first started to manage it was amazing how much time was spent on this task. The results were exceptional though when done with heart and empathy.

The team knew they were accountable and we all came together for the common goal.

As for choosing clones, I see this all the time. A clone is someone that will say the right things vs. challenge the status quo. They are more concerned with themselves than doing the right thing for the company. Growth is stagnant as a result and the work environment becomes boring. Essentially, the team begins to slack off.

What are you seeing in the field? Is performance management part of your daily activity as a manager?


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