August 5th Business Thought For the Day and Mindfulness Challenge

Thought For the Day

The team is what takes the leader to new heights. Therefore, the manager/leaders best way to stand out and find ongoing success within the workplace is to focus on building the “A” team.

Building a winning team is like achieving an annual sales goal. If you do not define what it is and see it clearly, the results will seldom come to fruition.

Similarly, the executive can quickly read their team by determining which managers have rebuilt their unit through firing and hiring. If they have not let anyone go, they are in the wrong position.

It’s that simple…

“A-Player Principle: Just because people went to the “right” schools or worked for big companies in your industry does not make them A-players. Don’t follow the herd when it comes to recruiting. Instead, define the profile that works in your environment.” (Herrenkohl, p. 25)

Take ownership for hiring and building your team. Or, accept the consequences of giving away your best cards.

Mindfulness Challenge

Take an hour today and look at the big picture in obtaining sales results. Ask yourself, how much time am I spending daily on building a team to achieve the mark? Am I doing the same thing and expecting different results?

As they say, nothing changes until something changes. Start by focusing on hiring and firing…it is really a manager/leaders ticket to play and their individual responsibility in today’s ultra competitive environment.


Herrenkohl, Eric. How To Hire A-Players. Finding the Top People For Your Team-Even if You Don’t Have a Recruiting Department. 2010.

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