August 4th Thought For the Day and Mindfulness Challenge

Thought For the Day

“Without oxygen, sleep, water, our minds and bodies begin to break down. If we go without any of these for too long, we die. I believe it’s also true that without some sense of meaningful struggle in our lives, something inside us begins to break down, a part of us begins to die.

Yet it’s amazing how adaptable human beings can be living in a prison of idle comfort, by drinking to excess, or by spending ways to eke out an existence.

In the long run, though, deprivation of purpose is as destructive as deprivation of sleep. Without purpose, we can survive-but we cannot flourish.” (Greitens, p. 16)

Mindfulness Challenge

Identify your current struggles and make a decision you are going to tackle them head on.

Remind yourself that the tug of war will always be there and the key is to embrace it like we would a sick family member.

Treat these battles with compassion, acceptance, and vision by reminding yourself that overcoming it is going to lead into a stronger, wiser version of you.

In many ways, conquering the inevitable challenges in life is the point of life. When we reflect back, these tend to be the times an internal growth spurt kicks in and the culmination of overcoming these one by one makes up what makes us wonderful today.

We are survivors…

Therefore, when struggle breaks on our shores celebrate it because on the other side is a pot of internal gold growth.


Greitens, Eric. Hard-Won Wisdom For Living A Better Life, Resilience. 2015.

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