August 1st Thought For the Day and Mindfulness Challenge

Thought For the Day:

Quantum wellness is defined by author Kathy Freston in her New York Times bestseller as spending our day focused on the below areas in an effort to live a more fulfilling life:

  1. Meditation
  2. Visualization
  3. Fun
  4. Conscious Eating
  5. Exercise
  6. Self-Work
  7. Spiritual Practice
  8. Service

Mindfulness Challenge:

Pick one of the above buckets that you need to work on and carve some time in your day to do just that. For example, I tend to spend the day in an “all business” state of mind.

Once I realized this, I have slated a 1 hour time slot on the calendar a few times a week.

It has enabled me to realize how much taking time to consciously lighten up by engaging in fun (drugs and alcohol do not count here) can help complement other areas.

What are ways you have fun daily in a society that can be all business? Is the child in you still alive? I would like to hear your feedback…

For further reading, her book is below:

Freston, Kathy. Quantum Wellness: A Practical Guide to Health and Happiness.

Author: yeeevolve

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