2019 is the Year of the Chain Necklace and Pendant

We are seeing a huge trend with regards to men’s chain and pendant necklaces. While every leading man in Hollywood is sporting a gold chain, the everyday man is better off with its cousin (silver). It is a subtle way to upgrade any outfit and can be worn tucked into the shirt for a more understated look.

Below are some of our favorites:

Degs and Sal (Destroy Everything Gain Success and Start a Lifestyle) Triangle Necklace

A great meaning in the brand name.

David Yurman Small Box Chain in Silver


Miansai Dove Pendant in Silver


John Varvatos Wrapped Nails Pendant (For the Construction Worker in You)


David Yurman Maritime Sextant Amulet with Bronze Pendant

For the water lovers…


Author: yeeevolve

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