Careers of the Future…Construction, Sales, & Marketing at the Top

While some career paths such as a doctor, nurse, or software developer are obvious choices for long-term job security, others stood out while doing some research on the subject.

Due to having a strong background in construction and product based selling, I was delighted to see both construction and sales listed in several articles.

Sales…”getting customers to buy your product will be more important than ever as technology progresses. Workers in sales can expect to have smarter tools and more data on potential customers. (Medium, Katy., Best Jobs of the Future: 2020 to 2050)

While technology will enhance the consumers ability to make informed decisions, the need for a consultative sales person will be important in differentiating the intangibles for the consumer such as workforce experience and competency, warranty, installation, and presence within the community served. The company sales representatives work for and its commitment to the environment and local communities will become a larger part of the sale.

In addition, the construction manager and construction trades in general are bright. Simply looking at the surge in population growth and continued migration to urban dwellings for work opportunities it will demand building smarter and more efficient than ever.

“While the pigeonholing of construction workers is beginning to evolve, convincing the youngest generations entering the workforce today of this otherwise has not been successful. In fact, according to a recent survey of young people from the NAHB, only 3% were interested in a construction trade for a career.” (Ellis, Grace. Construction Jobs: 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Construction.)

A shift could be one where a construction manager finds themself offsite and working within a production facility that standardizes and builds 30-40% of the structure before shipping out. Also, virtual management through BIM and other programs that have yet to hit the market will be a great opportunity for trade coordination and lean construction.

Another area that will see significant opportunity is Marketing. The Marketing Manager and Specialist will play a larger part in the go to market strategy with tools that drill down potential clients needs and responsiveness to various mediums in the effort to differentiate and remain relevant regardless of the companies history.

So where am I going with this? As I have discussed in a previous article, we all need to work as if we are self-employed today. There is simply too much uncertainty with company mergers, economic fluctuations that demand workforce reduction, and overnight changes in go to market strategies.

Stay relevant and work as if you own the bottom line and the odds for you becoming the individual last on the list of a layoffs increases substantially. As with many things in life, the ball is truly in your court. The question is what are you going to do with it?

By continuing to live in the grey (stagnant) the ball will deflate and you will be left to approach this topic by force instead of choice. Stay thirsty relevant my friends…

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