“Knowing Is Half The Battle”, GI Joe

“Risk is simply a decision or behavior that has a significant probability of resulting in a negative outcome.” (Sukel, p. 253)

Everyday we take significant risk, whether it is changing jobs, driving in traffic, eating food from a new restaurant, raising children, or falling in love.

So, why is it when it comes to consciously taking risk many pause and go another direction?

Risk is everywhere and in almost everything we do. Some individuals live their lives for risk, while many do anything they can to avoid it.

The question to ask yourself is “what kind of risk-taker are you? Both science (and life) make it clear that each of us, with our unique blend of biology and bravado, will approach risky situations differently. To better vet risk, I need to give a nod to serenity and accept my natural-born risk-taker—and exercise a little self-awareness. As simple as that sounds, self-awareness can help you better manage risk too.” (Sukel, p.256)

As today unfolds, take time to recognize the risks you desire to make. By becoming familiar with these opportunities to move in a new direction, the odds for success increase substantially.

As GI Joe famously said, “Knowing Is Half The Battle”. When we near the end of life one of the top regrets individuals have stated is they did not take enough risks.

So, take the leap while you have time…it is rarely what you believe the outcome will be. Often, it is better.


Sukel, Kayt. The Art Of Risk. 2016. p. 253, 256.

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