The Decisions We Make Echo an Eternity

Daily, we are faced with all things seen. The human spirit is suppressed for the material world we live in. When I say material it is much bigger than the house you live in, or the car you drive. It is often 95% of our day. So much of our time on earth is spent chasing things only to find they lead us back to ourselves.

We eventually have to look within. An internal revolution is the price of admission, which leads to an evolution of the soul. To find personal and professional success, we must discover a way to embrace and celebrate ourselves regardless of outside influences.

To accomplish this the cost is high. It means letting go of what others think and being true to self. While this feat sounds easy it is one of the hardest things most humans will face in their lives. We are social creatures and seek approval by instinct within the circles we live.

When we decide to embrace self for ALL we are another door opens. This passageway creates an opportunity to house a new and rewarding lifestyle. It is the fruit of life. How do we even start? Reflection through writing is a great way to tap into the spirit and understand who you really are.

Ask yourself one question. Who am I? Often, the answer can be found by observing how others interact with you. This is the starting point for creating a world in which you are a contributor to the greater good. It is just as applicable in our professional lives as it is in our personal lives. Bridge the gap and life will become more meaningful and rewarding than ever.

Our business and personal relationships will flourish because the authentic version of you drove the effort. In sales, we are in the people business and specialize in reading people for a living. Emotional intelligence is one of the strongest characteristics of the award winning salesperson. Within 5 minutes of an interaction, the sales representative has to determine whether the other party is authentic or not.

Although, the best realize the customer is doing the same thing. If we are not authentic in this interaction regardless of our product, or service the sale will quickly be lost. Today, take time to determine who you are and embrace it. The rest will take care of itself…

Author: yeeevolve

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