Own Your Story in Life

“When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending. And when we don’t own our stories of failure, setbacks, and hurt-they own us.” (p. 240)

Resilience is a mark in leadership that cannot be discounted. When things are going well it is easy to rest on our laurels, but what about when the going gets tough.

Have we had enough failure and setback in life to take it on the chin and get back up? Is this not a large part of what life is about? If life was easy, we would all have graduated to another place and time. Life is tough and we have to toughen up to excel and overcome obstacles that will inevitably come our way.

“Our research shows that leaders who are trained in rising skills as part of a courage-building program are more likely to engage in courageous behaviors because they know how to get back up. Not having those skills in place is a deterrent to braver leadership, and teaching people how to get up once they’re already on the ground is much more difficult.” (p. 242)

We all have a narrative in life and rarely get to tell it. Most are not interested in hearing it, but as humans what is on surface is deceiving. We form opinions quickly, yet we are complex and multifaceted beings.

Leading with vulnerability involves owning ALL of it and looking for ways to accept all of who you are. By doing this others will feel more comfortable being themselves and a deep connection can be born.

We all have a story, by embracing and celebrating it a door opens to write the script on how it ends. Look ahead today and contemplate what the major chapters are in your story and what you want it to convey to future generations.


Brown, Brene. dare to lead. p. 240, 242. 2018.

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