It’s About More Than Putting In The Miles

The marathon is a feat only about .5% of the population will ever complete. Similar to our approach to work, the wise individual realizes it is about more than simply showing up.

Often, “marathoners can get stuck in a certain mindset of thinking only of the number of miles they log each week. Among marathoners, trading information about one’s mileage is as common as baseball fans talking box scores.” (p.72)

When we believe those that put in the most hours at work are the most efficient we lose sight of efficiency and maximizing our energy reserves. “By becoming overly concerned about mileage, a person preparing for the marathon can increase the risk of overtraining, getting injured, and burning out. (p.72)

It’s interesting how there is a direct correlation between our career and training for a marathon. There is a significant difference between junk miles and high quality training.

Today, focus on the moment and ensure it is time well spent to prepare you for the big stage or opportunity that is coming your way.


Block, Gordon Bakoulis. How To Train For And Run Your Best Marathon. p. 72. 1993.

Author: yeeevolve

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