Slow Down to Speed Up

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As we go through our day in today’s society the last thing on our mind is too slow down to speed up. Yet, it is exactly what we need to live in the moment and prepare for the future.

Mindfulness teaches us to focus on every moment and savor it. Whether it is a cup of coffee with a friend or a simple meal; each moment offers an opportunity. So much of the day is spent living in the past or the future we miss the present.

This morning was spent looking ahead and developing a 5 year plan for personal and professional growth. While this exercise is focused on the future, it forces the individual to determine what is truly important in the present. As a result, the plan uncovered areas that are directionally different than I would have thought before putting pen to paper.

Slowing down to enjoy the moment and plan the future through vision is a critical component in our individual evolution, personal and professional fulfillment.

Today, download the Eagles track “Take It Easy” and take a moment to step back before you step forward to ensure you are running in a direction that will bring you to your highest state of fulfillment.

Author: yeeevolve

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