Energy, Light, Wisdom

The spirit of life…there is a realm flowing in/around/through us at all times. Just like electricity, we just have to turn the switch on to SEE it working in our lives. Trauma and life seem to be inevitable…the level of trauma each soul must carry varies considerably. The soul is old when the battles become harder and harder to overcome. There is an opportunity to tap into, or turn on the switch for a higher being of energy, light, and wisdom to enter our lives.

My life has been filled with so much anguish there are scars on the soul. Unfortunately, I must admit that much of the pain has been self induced. It has led to near defeat, but at the bottom for whatever reason I seem to continue and find the light switch.

This SPIRIT of LIFE is REAL. I have had two spiritual experiences in my life that confirmed it to me. Both of them within the last year during a low point in one of many chapters being written into the DNA for future generations of our lineage. The one that many can relate to is the birth of a child. Anyone with children sees the innocence, purity, and perfection when they are born. It is stunning to think that life can go from this state to one of quiet desperation and a lost sense of connection.

Today, I choose to turn the SWITCH on and seek connection and encourage the evolution of our people for a tomorrow that will come and regenerate our great planet for eternity. I am calling on you to do the same…it is time there is more light than darkness on our planet. Rise up…

Author: yeeevolve

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