Why Emotional Intelligence and the Will to Win Are All You Need to be at the Top In Sales

Keep it simple…have we created a selling environment that is so complex the salesperson is questioning their every move vs. reading the environment and focusing on the customer?

As the title states, it really comes down to emotional intelligence and the will to win. I love sales and had a hard start out of high school in a role selling dinosaur dolls that lit up and the calculators to anyone that would listen.

The result…horrible and within six months I was using my hand brake to stop the car because I could not afford to replace failing brakes. The company ran a sales contest and even though I was practically sleeping in my car and living off Ramen noodles, I bought out my inventory to win. The cost was my extended family received these as gifts for the next few years and college never looked better.

A lot was taken from this experience though and two things in particular carry on today. The first is a willingness to cold call anyone and the other is a deep desire to come out on top. If you are missing either of these traits, I suggest you start looking for another career because you will starve like I did as a dino doll and calculator pusher on the streets of Virginia. While the tasks related to cold calls will evolve, the willingness to embrace in this type behavior will carry into whatever selling tactics the future brings.

Winning in sales is achieved by reading the environment you are in and finding a way to create a win-win scenario at almost any cost. 🙂 So, stop thinking about it and pick up the phone, or go to the jobsite and make the call.

In the Seinfeld television show, one of the episodes was about the infamous George doing the opposite of whatever his mind was telling him. The results were so good he knew he had discovered his secret. Find your winning formula and redefine what selling is starting today.

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