Energy and the Pescatarian

Energy is EVERYTHING when it comes to facing the day and conquering it.

As a fitness addict/marathon runner, the idea of taking poultry and beef out of the diet was like committing to work for free. It just was not happening.

At least until last year…

My wife has been a Pescatarian for quite a while and I found myself enjoying a lot of the meals. It is really a vegetarian diet with the occasional addition of fish to mix it up. Vegetarian meals are complex and nutrient dense if done right.

So, I started researching the concept of PROTEIN DEFICIENCY, which is a NO NO to a man trying to gain muscle and found nothing relevant. Basically, doctor’s were quoted stating they have never had a patient come in with a PROTEIN DEFICIENCY. It just doesn’t happen. Remember many animals eat plant based and most stay lean and muscular.

Regardless, I went for it about 6 months ago and have noticed a marked increase in energy, a decrease in anxiety, and overall no muscle loss with the added bonus of a few abs I can see again.

In addition, you are living light on planet earth and reducing emissions put off by animals which are worse than vehicles. “Livestock emissions make up between 14.5 and 18 percent of total global emissions.” (Cormier)

Just saying…combine this shift with a few key dishes you cook and the home life just got that much better if you know what I mean!

Yeeevolve my friends…


Cormier, Jordyn. Which Is Worse For the Planet: Beef or Cars?

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