Tom Ford Vs. Oliver Peoples Sunglasses- The Battle of the Elite

When it comes to sunglasses, there are a few brands to stick with once you are out of college and can afford the investment. Put them back in the case after each wear and you own them forever. They add a lot to an outfit whether dressed up or down.

Tom Ford offers some high fashion styles, but lacks the low key aesthetic of Oliver Peoples. The large gold, or silver “T” on the frame, chunky plastic, and lens colors often make them less appropriate for business unless it is in Hollywood.

Oliver Peoples is just a classy look all around where it is hard to go wrong. They offer attention to detail with a subtle and vintage charm about them.

Below are my top pics for men:

Oliver Peoples Cary Grant in Teal (Just Launched):

Oliver Peoples Finley ESQ Tortoise- Vintage at its Best :

Oliver Peoples Brodsky Cocobolo- classic wayfarer look with an added touch of class:

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