The Tattoo and the Workplace

In 2018, Dalia Research put out a study on the percent of population with a tattoo. Of course, Italy being the STYLE capital of the world was number 1 with a whopping 48%. The USA was number 3 and has an estimated 46%.

Basically, if you are not of the Baby Boomer generation you probably have at least 1 tattoo. Until the Boomers retire out (not too much longer) the tattoo is still received poorly in certain professions. When this generation leaves the workplace there will be such a demand for qualified employees it will probably not matter anymore.

At 19, my best friend and I packed up his car and drove across country. One afternoon in Flagstaff, Arizona, we thought it would be a good idea to get a tattoo. Why not just pick one off the wall in the back of this BARBER SHOP and run with it. Isn’t that what you do? Now this was the 90’s and the birth of the TRIBAL tattoo that everyone has hopefully since covered up. Tattooing was still going through a evolutionary period in the states. We went through with it and I am happy to say my Celtic tribal with a sun around it has since been covered. In its place is a much more strategic Phoenix that means A LOT more to me than the barbershop version ever would have.

HEED the warning label, alcohol and tattoos DO NOT MIX. This is about more than just bleeding! Alcohol=poor decisions…take it from someone that got their first after a little GIN and JUICE. Also, a barbershop that doubles as a tattoo parlor is PROBABLY not a good sign.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, or sporting one proudly in the workplace keep a few things in mind regardless of the percent of population that has one.

Where do you work and what is the daily dress code. If your career involves a lot of first impressions like sales, I would suggest covering it up at work. As for getting one, be strategic and think through everything from meaning to color and placement. It is something that will be personal to you and it should not matter whether the world sees it, or not.

And yes it does hurt…

Citation:, Dalia Research, 2018.

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