The Future of Travel and the Hyperloop

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, I had the opportunity to discuss the future of travel with some technology leaders tuned into the subject.

It is fascinating to think about and we should see significant changes in the next 20-30 years.

First, the concept of the self driving car. Everyone gets this concept and knows it is already undergoing testing. The part that I was unfamiliar with is the potential to run these cars 24/7. They will pick you up at home and then link with other self driving vehicles (think lego) prior to driving into the city. This will significantly reduce risk while increasing safety and efficiency.

Then, their is the idea of the HYPERLOOP. Now this is cool. If you think of the income challenges many rural people have with gaining employment and time travel in general this has the potential to change the entire economy overnight. The HYPERLOOP will be a type of transportation system that literally LEAVES PLANET EARTH to enable travel at lightning fast speeds.

Just imagine, you have a business meeting in San Fransisco and live in Atlanta. The current travel time is about 5 hours. With the HYPERLOOP it could be 20 minutes.

Did the Jetsons not predict everything…enjoy your vehicle while you can and start thinking of ways we can recycle them!

Author: yeeevolve

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