Receding Hair and the Faux Hawk

By the time most men hit their late twenties there is some form of hair loss that begins to set in. This is a daunting time in a man’s life. Think of it like getting married, but it has the opposite effect (HOPEFULLY). It is that SERIOUS. It’s o.k., you can sit back and tell your friends this writer is ridiculous. Secretly, you are saying damn it is true and what can I do about it.

The first step is to admit you HAVE A PROBLEM! Check…

Next, we set out on a course to find a SOLUTION. This term may not currently be in your vocabulary, but will develop if you FOLLOW this website long enough.

This is where the FAUX HAWK hairstyle comes into play. Think of Jude Law in this scenario. He is the perfect example that has come to terms with his recession and it is not monetary. What did he do? He grew out the faux hawk and has a sense of style and purpose now. To achieve the look, have your stylist cut the overall length on top about 2″-3″ and fade it down gradually. This style was big in the 1990’s when David Beckham embraced it. So, it is a great time to bring it back with anything 90’s in general being on fire right now.

Regardless, the Faux has to stay in style for anyone with this issue and if not I will rock it anyway until it comes back around similar to a pair of corduroy pants. Some things just need a place in the rotation all the time and this is one of them.

Author: yeeevolve

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