The Musician and the Artist Are Passion at its Finest Hour

Sometimes we can commit our whole life to something and feel as if we are never truly heard. The below link is someone near and dear to my heart and he is one of the most talented recording engineers and musicians that I have interacted with. He can play practically any genre and many of his beats will captivate you if the words are followed closely.

In addition, he is a proponent of promoting the youth to learn and engage in music in an effort to enhance their lives and those around them.

We are so accustomed to pop, or what I call simple music that a lyric/beat with depth can be pushed aside. I believe in a mix and love the opportunity to promote his WORD as something everyone will be better off hearing. True word can show up in the mix without words too. There is something being said in the art of the rhythm and this is where Mateo shines.

I particularly like the song Drifty Movement, which is the theme song on the sites landing page. Below are some additional links to check out.

Music helps us elevate the moment and we are always better off when we find another song to help wake up the spirit inside. Let me know your thoughts…

The Loose Track:

Frontier Diplomacy – streaming on Spotify, iTunes, etc. and for sale at Bandcamp ( 

Park Chalk – streaming on Spotify, iTunes, etc. and also for sale on our Bandcamp at ( 

Solo stuff – not really for sale but streaming on Soundcloud @ (

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