Martial Arts and Leadership

Martial arts is a unique way to connect with your energy, gain self awareness and confidence without being the BULLY in the room. Like it or not, self defense is a part of life. What form this takes depends on the individual.

I believe martial arts is the perfect channel for any child around 10 on. Children put up with a lot in school and need outlets that are healthy and teach confidence without the arrogance. Be mindful of who the teacher at the school is and what they represent. Just think Karate Kid, the last thing we need is a generation of bullies. Also, it is a great opportunity for one of the parents to do something with their child and develop in different ways at the same time and in the same area. A GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER…it may just make you a little bit hipper in their eyes too.

Arguably, Bruce Lee put martial arts on the map as a mainstream study in the USA. He had a fiercely competitive spirit and Hollywood look fit for the times. In the book Bruce Lee Fighting Spirit, the author talks about his discipline and daily commitment to being the best. “Neither of Bruce’s schools was ever conceived as an out-and-out commercial venture. Bruce wasn’t trying to attract as many paying students as possible, he wanted students who showed both ability and commitment, not overnight wonders.” (Thomas, p.61-62). EVERYONE has ability in some capacity and commitment is something you develop a taste for.

Leadership and our approach to business should be similar to Bruce’s approach when building his team of students. We have gotten away from QUALITY in many areas of the workplace. Examples include employee engagement, culture that means more than the paper it is written on, and a vision with more meaning than just a profit in sight.

As PLANET EARTH continues to tell us things have to change, this ancient leadership style will have to resurface whether deliberate or not in the field of business. Think…tap energy and create synergy…

A challenge to you is to be a LEADER in this movement and embrace it now to create a better planet for all. We need strong leadership to help create a future that is efficient and tip toes while on earth with more than just the dollar sign on their mind. To our future generations continued place on earth…Take it from Bruce, he certainly seemed to know what he was doing…


Thomas, Bruce. Bruce Lee Fighting Spirit. P.61-62. 1994.

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