How Running With no Destination Teaches you to Live Life to the Fullest

This morning, I left the house for a run with no destination in mind. It brought me about 7 miles from home to the top of the featured mountain pic overlooking downtown Atlanta.

While training for a marathon in ’17, I learned a lot about living life to the fullest. The main takeaway was to live a moment at a time with no set destination and it will lead to a more fulfilling existence.

I love applying this same concept to all areas of life. In business, it is hard to let go of control and accept risk. If we reflect on those we see as leaders and pioneers in the past there is a common thread of this type behavior being embraced.

To train your mind in this area the next time you run take a CC, make sure your UBER app is ready and see where you land. It will probably surprise you in more ways than one.

Author: yeeevolve

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