Daycare in the Workplace

Daycare! If you are at the age of not having kids yet this STILL needs to be read. Hell, even if YOU are the KID you should read it and understand the level of SACRIFICE this entails. Let’s face it, daycare is outrageous in terms of cost. So much so that you are put in a position to seriously consider whether one, or the other should stay home.

Recently, my wife and I were discussing the huge opportunity for employers to capture highly educated and skilled workers by offering daycare. It does not even need to necessarily be at a discount. This would definitely give the company a competitive advantage by attracting employees that are sitting at home and highly qualified. Also, it would put the mother in a position to see the child during the day which would enhance her sense of fulfillment and in turn spill into the workplace.

Whether you are the employer seeking a competitive advantage as the older generations retire, or a mother seeking work that offers its benefit the message is clear. We ALL need to start talking about solutions to this PROBLEM and it is a problem. Between this and the cost of an education something has to change.

I suggest a good starting point is for local employers to approach daycares and inquire on their interest in branching out. While it would offer no more income in terms of cost, it would open the door for a lot more children to attend. We will discuss how to overcome the permanent cold and daycare another day. What are your thoughts in this area?

Author: yeeevolve

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