Lily and Learning to Love Again

As they say, man’s best friend. We had dogs growing up, but I never felt the connection and true benefits until I became an adult. In 2009, I was in sales and aspired to teach as an adjunct at ANY college that would give me a chance. As with anything in life most people do not want to be the one to take a risk and hire someone without experience in the role. Big mistake, some of the greatest employees are those that have never done the job. They come into the role with a clean slate and fresh perspective. I digress…

This story is centered around friendship and learning to love again. We all believe we have friends and understand love, but there are variations to the level it goes depending on the connection and other persons willingness to evolve in this area.

At the time, my fiancé HAD TO HAVE A SECOND DOG. We all know how this goes, one more responsibility when the newness wears off. So, we started looking and found a mix Husky with a brown and blue eye. When the mother and children came over with her to introduce themselves we got to talking. This means more than just hello, and how’s the weather.

I discovered her husband was the Dean at a college that I had recently applied. When I asked her why they were getting rid of the dog she told us it was too wild and had snapped at their little one.

As anyone in sales knows, we are always looking for an opportunity to leverage our COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and win the deal. Well, I said if you want us to adopt the dog your husband will have to give me an interview at the college to teach. She laughed…

The next day the entire family came back, we adopted the dog, and I got the interview (he would not agree to be present though). This experience led to a four year stint as an adjunct teaching in the Business and General Education fields and was one of the most professionally rewarding experiences I have had.

Lily was wild, we would come home and PAW prints would be on the oven range. How is this even possible? This was a dog that could actually catch a squirrel! In time, she settled in and found her place in the house. Over time, I developed such a connection with her that I knew exactly what was necessary without any words to satisfy her needs. Through my emotions any given day she knew too what I needed from her.

We ran, played, and occasionally napped together. Last year, I went out for a few errands during a typical day of CONFERENCE CALL after CONFERENCE CALL. We won’t even consider this topic today. It would become a dissertation. When I got home I knew immediately something was up because she did not come to the door. LILY, LILY…as I checked around the house she was no where to be found. Maybe in the basement where we keep the kennels?

Oh boy, Lily was sprawled out as if she attempted to get back to her space in the final moments of her life. I had never found anything, or anyone this close to me DEAD so it freaked me out. I picked her up and immediately knew it was not good.

We rushed to the vet where she was pronounced dead. She had a brain aneurysm at ten. This moment and many days after reminded me of how I had learned to truly love again with the adoption of her years ago at a time of starting over in other ways.

The lesson in this is the moments we have are precious. Enjoy and take time to connect because before you know it they will be gone. One thing is for certain, life is unpredictable and we never know what is around the corner. Take today to say I love you to those that matter. If you cannot find a reason, do it in remembrance of sweet Lily…

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