Why LOSING Teaches Us More than Winning

A great lesson in life is that LOSING offers more reward long-term than winning. In America, winning is the expectation so when we lose no one wants to DWELL on it. What are you crazy! 

Well, I do and below are my top 5 reasons why:

  1. Understanding Self– it has taught me more about who I am and what I want than winning ever has.
  2. Personal and Professional Growth-I have accomplished goals I did not even know I had after losing.
  3. Risk– Once we lose a few times risk becomes more exciting because sooner, or later you will win and it may be big.
  4. Gain a Competitive Advantage– losing is as much a part of life as winning. It is how we come back from it.
  5. Grit– this is a valuable tool in life once developed. 

So, the next time you LOSE step back and think about how you can WIN as a result. It may just change your life.

Author: yeeevolve

Evolve...your DAILY DOSE of what it takes to survive and thrive on planet earth! Yee...think of it like your morning meditation.


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