Top 5 Career Insights I Wish I Learned in Business School

1. Personal Brand

  • Take risks
  • The power of thought determines more than we realize.

2. Selling

  • Psychology is a big part of sales. 
  • Focus on the VALUE the CONSUMER will gain. 
  • Winning and long-term growth is really about taking the time to find and hire A-players and it is not easy. 
  • Your internal and external competition is primarily serving customers verse FINDING them. Act accordingly and you will stand out. 

3. Work Like You Are Self Employed

  • No matter where you hang your hat you are an AT WILL employee. Develop a second income stream.
  • Stay relevant, study time management, and work AT LEAST 1 hour longer on a daily basis than your co-workers.
  • TAKE TIME to look ahead at where you want to be and if the course you are on will take you there. Develop a 5 year plan defining key areas in your life.

4. Management

  • The majority of managers are followers.
  • Managers DO NOT have the influence you believe they do.
  • Management is really about EXECUTING the leaders vision.

5. Leadership

  • True leaders LOOK WITHIN and understand themselves.
  • It is as much about how you lead yourself as others.
  • MOST managers are not leaders.

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