The Young Professional and the Luxury Watch

The watch is arguably the most important accessory a man can purchase in his life. It can last a lifetime and be handed down for generations.

This post will guide the young professional on taking their game up a notch in the workplace.

Out of college, I started to pay attention to the various watches being worn by MIDDLE and UPPER management in the office. I wanted one, but the price tags were CRAZY! Omega has always been my favorite because they have set the trend in so many areas and continue to surpass testing and certification requirements with a sense of style I don’t see in Rolex. Also, I like the fact the company does not discount the product heavily like Movado, Tag Heuer, Oris, and Longines.

If you are in the market and do not know where to turn, this is your lucky day. The first luxury watch I bought (many watch snobs would argue against it being luxury, but I am not a snob nor do I aspire to be) was a Tag Aquaracer. The secret to gaining access in this space and not paying $2K for a watch was Jared Jewelry (and this is not a paid promotion). Jared has what is called “Vault Values”, which are essentially watches that have been updated and they need to move the inventory to make room for the newer version. This is how sites like Authentic Watch and Jomashop make a buck too. They buy dated models in bulk at a discount and resell.

At the time I bought this watch it was 50% off and brand new. The watch came in at $650, which is affordable for most young professionals. Just cut out the daily latte with an extra shot for 4-5 months and your in. I know, it is easier said than done, but this takes precedence.

What you get when you enter this space is membership in a small, but distinct group. A lot of successful business men pay attention to the watch. It is a statement piece more for business that dating. In my experience, most women could care less.

What to look for in your entry level luxury watch:

  1. A deal because once you enter this space you will be back for more.
  2. You can always buy used and have the band and case buffed for around $100. No one will ever know the difference and it opens the door for going vintage.
  3. Automatic- look it up if you do not understand the automatic watch movement. It is fascinating. Energy is life and this movement reminds me on a daily basis.
  4. Sapphire crystal face- this is the MOST CRITICAL and will enable you to keep the watch forever with minimum wear on the face. I don’t have a single scratch on it 10 years later.

Tag Aquaracer with Blue Face

Oris Diver 65 with Blue Face- Perfect Starter All Around

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