The Shoe

It is the shoe that makes the outfit. Trust me, so stop purchasing Skechers, Merrell, Steve Madden, or Bass for work purposes. I do not care if it is in a casual, or formal setting. The shoe will set off the outfit

Growing up in the city, I have always enjoyed style and remember in middle school buying a pair of red Diadora high tops for basketball. When I showed up for practice you could hear a pin drop. Oh, I made a statement, but it was more in the sense of breaking tradition and not wearing a Jordan, Revolution, Pump, or Hurache shoe. This was a key turning point in my style evolution and I am grateful the most off brand and color was what it took to wake me up.

Invest in shoes like you would your 401K, it will pay off in other ways.

To Boot New York is an Excellent Starting Point and Can be Found at Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off Fifth. Below are 3 great examples:

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