The Florida Driver and the Tint Job

Doing Business in Florida…

Oh boy, where do I start! Driving in Florida for business is an ABSOLUTE nightmare. For example, take Lady Lake (Home of the Villages) Florida where the average age is 92. Driving in this area will quickly lead to a doctor visit and psych evaluation.

What sent me over the edge was the limo TINT, which does not enable you to determine WHO (just assume over 90) is driving the vehicle and assess how to react. In most of the country, it is typically people under THIRTY that tint their vehicle mainly for the look it provides (we can debate this argument all day). I mean, we all know it helps with UV rays and could significantly reduce cancer risk but WHO CARES about this? It’s the look we care about as in about everything else we do.

Not Florida though, here just about everyone tint their windows, so defensive driving is A LOT more serious. Text and drive…please…TINT and DRIVE should be illegal in Florida. Just remember when you cannot take it anymore the only way to go if your not taking a raft is North!

Author: yeeevolve

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