The Flip Flop in College

College life…

A time in life where you believe a pair of flip flops is all you need to get through the day. Well, at least until this happens. You see, in college we do things like ride our motorcycle to campus with flip flops on and truly believe it is a good idea. One day upon arrival for my way TOO EARLY 1 PM class of the day the unthinkable happened. My trusted and ONLY flip flops FAILED. The strap in between the big toe and second snapped. Now, these are REAL problems when you are in college! I have a serious dilemma here and need to think on my FEET. Do I walk the campus barefoot, or shuffle along as if nothing happened. I’ll shuffle and am sure no one will notice similar to the shimmy Roger “Verbal” Kint had in “The Usual Suspects”.

As I made my way across the lawn to class, it was clear this plan did not work and it appeared on the outside I had the problems I knew were there on the inside. Lesson learned and advice for the mental health candidate that doesn’t want the world to know is too pack a SECOND pair of flip flops. This my friends is why you read my content. It is a perfect example of something you never knew you needed to know.

Author: yeeevolve

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