Eating Almond Butter and the Frog

A diet and being successful in business are similar in many ways. When I first got serious about getting in shape, I discovered eating FAT would help with FAT LOSS. Well then, I am all about this! So, I bought a jar of almond butter and instead of a dessert, I would grab the almond butter and have a heaping spoonful. Over time, the simple sugar intake went down and in turn I lost a lot of weight coupled with 100mg of 7-Keto right when I got up. Look it up, it is great for men and women. For men, it will help get rid of the infamous GUT. Cutting down on Alcohol intake can help too.

In business, there is a saying that you should “EAT THE FROG” first for a more productive day. This is when you get the most dreaded item off of your to do list first.

So, tomorrow when you wake up take a scoop of almond butter and eat that frog for a better day all around!

Trader Joe’s Almond Butter (2 Pack)

7-Keto/ 100 mg Twice a Day is Great for Fat Loss

Author: yeeevolve

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