Doing Business in the North vs. South

Heading North…as I was finishing up college at Florida State a move to Boston sounded like a great idea. What I did not realize is I would be 1 of 2 Southerners living in New England. There are two types of people you will not see this far North. A Southerner and black people;  growing up in the South I was used to both. 

I was assigned Boston to Bangor, Maine. Awe Maine, where I learned to eat a whole lobster at Kathy’s Restaurant. In the South we only eat the tail. 

My first week on the job, I asked for directions to WOORchester and was quickly corrected it was WOOSTER. Oh boy, I knew I was a long way from home now. As the weeks continued, I would approach the work day with a big Ya’ll and zero conversation about baseball (huge mistake in the North). 

Needless to say, my first year was mentally and emotionally brutal with the majority of people I interacted with telling me how much they hated the sight of me. The company I worked for had an independent location in Boston and they even threw me out when I tried to introduce myself.

What the hell is going on up here I thought. It finally hit me that if I shave ya’ll, talk faster, tell them I cannot stand them either, and learn about baseball it was my ticket in. 

In the South, we let everyone in and then talk about them behind their back. In the North, we let no one in. Although, what I learned about business in the North was once you are in you are in! It’s like an unwritten code or something.

So, if you are approaching the North for business brush up on your baseball knowledge and get ready to tell people off as a way of saying hello. It will toughen you up in the sensitive and passive aggressive department for sure. Anyone that knows me will not argue that I am EXTREMELY direct and to this day I thank the North. 

Great Book On the History of Baseball:

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