Creatine and the Runner

Creatine is one of the only sports supplements that I have ever seen results with. REWIND…it is the early 90’s and I am COOL! There is just one problem, I am only 110 pounds and my wrestling skills are weak. Now, this is where creatine comes into the picture. After the loading phase, I noticed a marked difference in strength and went from bench pressing 85 to 110! Stick with me, the story is really about running and not muscles, which I never really had that much success with due to my lanky nature.

FAST FORWARD, it is ’17 and I have made the decision a marathon is in the future. Key takeaway, as with everything in life a 10K, or Half Marathon will not cut it. Only a FULL MARATHON, although, there is a new problem. I have never really run unless it was for short bursts to escape something, or someone. So, I started down the path during the height of the summer in the muggy South and noticed the results were subpar.

Really, in an effort to retain some muscle while increasing the distances I started creatine. Wow, the effort was not as difficult. I must be on to something no one talks about to keep the edge and win out. Of course, now the google research begins (we all know anything you want to find is on Google). For example, this is why I DEFINITELY have cancer. Or, this is why it is a TUMOR and not CANCER; you get the idea. What I discovered was it is a recommended supplement for runners in addition to strength training.

There you have it…another example of something you never knew you needed to know to survive and thrive on planet earth. Now go register for that marathon and come back and thank me when you cross the finish line.

Creatine- the cheapest you can find and disregard the loading phase. 5mg a day…

Author: yeeevolve

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